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Geographical FAQ (version 0.3)

  1. Where does the event take place?
    The event takes place in Fränkische Schweiz - an area located in Franconia.

  2. Where is Franconia located?
    Franconia is an administrative region in northern Bavaria.

  3. Where is Bavaria located?
    Bavaria is located in southern Germany.

  4. Where is Germany located?
    Germany is located in central Europe (see next question).

  5. I do not have any maps right now. Are there any maps online?
    The following matierial is provided: If you do not have an idea of where this area is located (see questions above) have a look at the large scale maps which should guide your way to Nürnberg. Nürnberg should be your point of reference if you are heading from some distant place from far across the universe.

  6. What kind of climate is to be found in Franconia?
    LBW is scheduled for August 1999. Since climate in south Germany is often supposed to be similar to climate in southern Europe hot summers are expected in general. Cloudy weather casts 18 - 24°C, blue sky yields 25 - 32°C. People coming from Scandinavia or other nothern countries should keep the strong sun in mind. On the other hand, when hiking, a rain coat can give you shelter.

  7. How do I reach Pottenstein?
    • By plane: head for Nürnberg (best), Munich (average) or Frankfurt (worst) and see by {car,train,bus} below.
    • By train: head for Nürnberg first, then Forchheim, Ebermannstadt, Gößweinstein.
    • By bus: again, Nürnberg should be your first reference when traveling from the other side of the world. From there either head for Forchheim (west) or Pegnitz (east) and finally Pottenstein.
    • By car: Nürnberg - Forchheim - Ebermannstadt - Pottenstein
      From north: A7 - Hamburg, Hannover, Kassel, Schweinfurt, A70 - Bamberg, A73 - Forchheim, then Ebermannstadt, Pottenstein
      From north west: Köln, Frankfurt, A3 - Würzburg, Nürnberg, A73 - Forchheim
      From west: A6 - Saarbrücken, Mannheim, Heilbronn, Nürnberg, A73 - Forchheim
      From south west: Stuttgart, A6 - Heilbronn, Nürnberg, either Forchheim (A73) or Pegnitz (A9)
      From south: A9 - München, Nürnberg, Pegnitz, Pottenstein
      From south east: A3 - Regensburg, Nürnberg, A9 - Pegnitz, Pottenstein
      From east: Dresden, Chemnitz, Hof, A9 - Pegnitz, Pottenstein
      From north east: A9 - Berlin, Leipzig, Bayreuth, Pegnitz, Pottenstein
    • By bike: You should start either from Forchheim or Pegnitz
    • On foot: (a long way to go)
    • Teleport: ~(E 6°70'13'', N 55°17'24'')
    Please have a look at the Travelling Guide from Nürnberg in the case that you travel by car/bus/train and cross Nürnberg while approaching Pottenstein.

  8. How far do I have to travel to witness the Total Eclipse?
    Your trip takes you about 120 km south west.

  9. What language do people use to communicate with each other?
    Since it is an international event English takes you everywhere. However, if you would like to go shopping or separate from the mob German is the right choice. But don't be afraid: officials or authorities, drivers (means of transportation) and most of the local vendors are expected to understand English.

  10. What about taxes for penguins imported to Germany?
    Animals not intended to actually serve as food are not restricted; maybe they are suspiciously looked upon when crossing the border.

    Technical issues:

  11. What kind of power pours out of German sockets?
    Voltage: 230V, 50Hz (both, Europe plug and additional ground)
    TV: PAL, 50Hz
    You should bring an appropriate adapter, especially when coming from the US or Japan.

  12. How can people who do not share the same hotel or camp site communicate with each other?
    • Some people announced the telephone number of their cellular phones on the mailing list.
    • Most probably there will be some radios around. Transmission is done on 433.625 MHz.

  13. Will there be a LAN available?
    It depends on whether the participants bring it or not.

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